Tuesday, May 04, 2010

my smokes

My guy refers to these as my "smokes." Without much effort I could easily down a pack in a few days and/or hours. My consumption of this product is not normal. I admit it. In an effort to improve my life and exercise moderation in all things, I am officially cutting back.

The plan of attack for this week:
Step 1-Do NOT buy chocolate licorice.
Step 2-If you run into some at a relative's/friend's home, walk away.
Step 3-If you can't walk away, walk to the sink and get a drink of water.
Step 4- If others try to tempt you with this product by buying it for you, just throw the gift away.
If you have any other suggestions or words of encouragement, I welcome them.

I only had a few pieces today at lunch, before I fully committed to stopping. At this moment I commit. Let's see if I can pull it off for at least one week.

Update as of 5.14.10
Mission Accomplished!!
I did it friends. I went over an entire week without a "smoke."
My will power was stronger than expected. Stoked!
At this point I am going to allow myself to have an occasional one, but I'll never go back to what I once was... addicted.

7 happy thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Sad, and I was going to have those at my house on friday......

Shelley Eggett said...

Good Luck Katie!

Ben and Heidi said...

Here's to "quitting." Good luck!

katie said...

Thanks guys! Joidee, we are so excited for Friday! Put the money you would have spent on the licorice toward the playset. I am just so full of good ideas.

Amanda said...

I must be evil; because if those are your worst habit then I say eat more!! Aren't they fat free?!! Well, good luck anyway- I will totally support you!!

lisa said...

Love it Katie! You can do it! Instead of having a "smoke" you could eat a celery or carrot stick! Now doesn't that sound delicious! ;)

Marcae said...

Life is too short to not enjoy "sweet" guilty pleasures. That's just my 2 cents :)