Tuesday, January 24, 2012

more than a name

Baby boy was born, and Mitch received naming right privileges. As previously mentioned, when this situation occurs no one knows what will happen? I was holding my breath... but gave a huge sigh of relief when he decided to name our little guy after his best friends,
J.P and Jer.


Mitch Nelson

Walker Jones Nelson

The name may sound like a law firm,
but it is actually just our surname baby.
We are in love! This little guy came with the strongest spirit!
He is amazing.

More than a name details: Naming this little guy was the hardest yet. Katie had a different name in mind (Cohen Michael Nelson), but when Mitch saw him he suggested Walker Jones Nelson. We thought about it for many days, and even left the hospital without a name! About 5 days later we called the hospital back and made it official.
I actually love what his name represents. It is definitely more than a name. It is a lifetime of true friendship, memories, and love.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

naming rights

Some people should not be allowed to name their children. I happen to know one of them personally. I am not going to mention names here, but he has dark hair, nice jaws, starts with an 'M' and rhymes with itch.

Here is a small sampling of the craziness.
Natas (pronouced "not-as_"), do not worry that it spells satan backwards!
Indy, which I think is cute for a girl but not a boy.
- , that's right dash, so he doesn't have to spell anything, just make a line for his name.
Putting a silent number in the middle of his name. Ex: Be2n (Ben, the 2 is silent). Truthfully I kinda like the silent number idea.
I am starting to realize that it is a modern day miracle that our other children were named. At this point I am feeling alone with this task and I am taking suggestions. Please offer yours.
He is currently offering me the naming rights for $600. He says I can do whatever I want for that price. The reality is, I'm broke. Oh dear. No one knows what will happen at this point?
A hopeful Mom who doesn't want to ruin her kids by the name she gives them

Thursday, March 17, 2011

my leprechaun

I knew when I married Mitch I signed up for a fun-filled life, but I had no idea what a good leprechaun he would be! The kids woke up to funny tricks, a pathway of treats, and green milk. We then had green eggs and ham, along with some green waffles. He just makes life more fun to live!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Warm Buns for Warm Toes

(Zach Barnard, owner)
A huge thanks to Z Pizzeria...again! They are always coming through for Stoked On Socks. This year they did a great fundraiser by offering a cinnamon bun for those who brought in new socks to donate.
Stoked On Socks was able to make a delivery of 294 new pairs of socks to the homeless shelter on 2-28-11.

Friday, February 04, 2011

an angel among us

Here she is.
Her name is Tracie.
She is an actual angel here on earth.
If you know her, consider yourself lucky.
I'm not sure if it is possible, but I aspire to be more like her.
The girl can cook.
She is the type of person/angel who shows up at your doorstep with a gourmet meal and dessert. There is no call ahead for you to accept or decline, she just does it. Somehow she finds out that your husband survived an awful night of throwing up for hours on end, and that there was no sleep involved for either of you. She steps in to save the day.
I just love her!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

top ten

A look back at our crew's
2010 TOP TEN
or at least what we had pictures of...

Bryn got her skate on

we broke the bank

visited the happiest place on earth

then the other happiest place on earth

mitch gave luke a hawk
which only lasted a few days until I found the hair clippers

a few cowboys had fun at fair days

luke learned to dress himself and was always prepared

lions and tigers and batmans oh my!

bryn grew up way too fast and decided to go to kindergarten

byrn + luke = constant entertainment
they bring us complete joy everyday

Thursday, December 16, 2010

warm buns for warm toes

Score a free cinnamon bun when you bring a pair of new socks to Z Pizzeria during the month of January 2011. Socks will be donated to those in need by S.O.S.


1588 E. Stratford Ave. (2580 S.) SLC

(801) 484-ZPZA


Friday, October 01, 2010

dance drive

Dance Drive: to involuntarily move your body to beats of music while driving.

I love to dance drive. Always have and always will. It's not like it's a choice. The music just takes over and it because completely necessary. I am certain that I look ridiculous, but I don't care. There have been occasions when the car needs to be pulled over and the dance must take place outside the car. Not typical, but it can happen without warning.

Yes, there are strange looks, but every once in a while I get lucky and see someone else jamming out next to me. I instantly feel bonded. At 60+ yrs old will this still be "normal" behavior for me?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

update on "the smokes"

Typically when you are struggling with an addiction your friends will support you and help you quit. Not my friends. In fact, they feed the addiction. Last month I was teaching Love & Logic in Riverton and on the last night of my class I was welcomed with these. Count them, five packages of chocolate licorice (aka pure love)! Thank you Chris & Michell Noonon. I love you. They didn't even last one entire week.
Then my need for speed got me in trouble. I told my friend Jami how down I was feeling about my citation and she later stopped by with a package to cheer me up. They too are gone. Didn't even last 24 hrs.
So as an update. I'm just not doing very well, yet somehow I remain happy. Very happy. Even though my friends aren't as supportive as they should be, I still love them.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

my girl

From here...to here.

My baby grew up without asking permission. I believe it all happened slowly in stages, but now that I look back at the pictures it seems as though it was the blink of an eye. She recently turned 5, and will start kindergarten in one month. I want to cry just thinking about it. Here's a little preview of my girl, my monkey, my entertainment, my love.

She's always had a keen sense of style.

She's now entering into the self-photography world,
and happens to be a fabulous artist.

I especially love the snail climbing the tree


Oh how I love this amazing little girl! She brings me joy everyday.
I truly feel blessed to be her Mom.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

beverage burglar

Let me introduce to you the "beverage burglar," Lukas Nelson.
He's been wandering around this town as a wanted criminal for years.
He appropriately acquired this nickname through his countless guilty actions. He works best undercover as an innocent little boy. He typically finds the large crowds, mixes in, then goes in for the kill. He is sly, and works alone. Just when you feel a little thirsty and go to grab your cup from the table, you realize it is empty. You've been struck, you are a victim. It doesn't matter if he knows you or not. He also responds to "Cool Hand Luke."
Caught in the action. Dad's water.
This is your official warning: Watch Your Drink!
Hold it at all times if you must.

Monday, July 05, 2010

conquered the world

or in other people's words...ran the Wasatch Back!
It was my 2nd time and it was a-mazing. I loved it. In fact, I had such a great time that I forgot to take many pictures. For me it is more about the party and less about the run. I did accomplish my own personal goal (all running and no walking, even on the steep hills), but I'm not sure if that's saying much?
Our team name was Footloose Friends and it consisted of a bunch of girls from my "hood."

Me & Darcy (our amazing team captain)

Yes, you have that right. I am wearing nice 80's reflective glasses, a charm necklace, and a special twist to my shirt. Oh how I love the 80's!!
Favorite part = blasting the music and dancing for teammates as they ran by.
Least favorite part = 5:00am with no sleep and the thought entering my mind, "why am I doing this?"
By the time my last run was finished the thought had escaped.
Goodbye Wastach Back, but not forever.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

later skater

I'm out.
Going privato, privado, private.
Held off long enough. It's time.
Leave your email if you want an invite.

I also quit facebook. Never been a big fan of it.

Wasatch Back is tomorrow! Yes, I am bringing back the leg warmers and more exciting paraphernalia. There will be a post after I officially switch the privacy settings. Just a little someth'n someth'n to look forward to.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

my smokes

My guy refers to these as my "smokes." Without much effort I could easily down a pack in a few days and/or hours. My consumption of this product is not normal. I admit it. In an effort to improve my life and exercise moderation in all things, I am officially cutting back.

The plan of attack for this week:
Step 1-Do NOT buy chocolate licorice.
Step 2-If you run into some at a relative's/friend's home, walk away.
Step 3-If you can't walk away, walk to the sink and get a drink of water.
Step 4- If others try to tempt you with this product by buying it for you, just throw the gift away.
If you have any other suggestions or words of encouragement, I welcome them.

I only had a few pieces today at lunch, before I fully committed to stopping. At this moment I commit. Let's see if I can pull it off for at least one week.

Update as of 5.14.10
Mission Accomplished!!
I did it friends. I went over an entire week without a "smoke."
My will power was stronger than expected. Stoked!
At this point I am going to allow myself to have an occasional one, but I'll never go back to what I once was... addicted.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

disney delivers

While visiting the happiest place on earth we...
found Mickey
rode rides
interacted w/ heroes
were smitten w/ princesses
& colaborated w/ cowgirls
which resulted in pure bliss & utter exhaustion.
Mitch also recorded this crazy lady
who just wanted to be part of the parade.

As an update, the Disney recruiters haven't called yet. Weird.

Monday, March 29, 2010

this little piggy...

This little piggy was found in a Mexico market.
This little piggy came to our home.
This little piggy has been collecting money.
This little piggy is about to be broke...
And cry "Wee, Wee, Wee, Wee"
All the way to the bank.

While on our honeymoon in Mexico (nearly 10 years ago) Mitch and I purchased this piggy bank. The only way to get the mulah out is to break it. We are getting ready to go on a little vacay with the fam, and decided it is time to break the bank, literally.

The anticipation of how much is inside the pig has created yet another healthy competition between me and my guy. We've made a bet, and the winner gets "anything they want."
The closest without going over wins!!
Katie's guess...$500
Mitch's guess...$0.03

One week from today we will do the deed. Until then, this pig will be accepting silver donations. So clean out your pockets, couches, and cars to contribute to the cause!

Breaking news...
only $190!
I totally lost. Mitch won, and he picked a surfing trip to Costa with the fam. In a way, I feel like I won. The trip won't take place anytime soon, but that's ok b/c it gives us something to look forward to for the next umpteen years or so.
The only reason I guessed so high was b/c Mitch and I remember putting in big bills, like $100. We remembered wrong. The biggest bill was $20. Maybe that felt like $100 when we put it in?

You should also know that we only put money in this pig for about 4 years. The pig was tucked away in a hiding spot, and not used as often as it should have been. Regrets, regrets. Now we need a new pig, it's time to save for Costa Rica!

Friday, February 19, 2010

ten years ago tonight...

i went on a date.
i was ditched by my date moments after he arrived.
i was led on a crazy scavenger hunt throughout SLC.
i was pulled over on State St. and received a speeding ticket.
i finally found my date in a park, sitting on a blanket with candles.
i was given a few gifts (memory journal, & one dozen white roses).
i saw a little someth'n someth'n.
i heard the question.
i said yes.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

my olympic favorites...

Torah Bright & Shaun White
When we lived in the "big city" we rented our basement to our favorite Australian friends...Torah, her Mom & little sis.
What a beautiful family!
Torah & her Dad.
Love this pic.

Shaun White...my brother
(who probably doesn't even remember me).
He had a difficult time falling asleep in our guest room, b/c my porcelain doll collection freaked him out. Nevermind gravity-defying tricks in the halfpipe, he can't even handle a few little dolls that stare him down throughout the night.
Good luck guys!

Friday, February 05, 2010

if you're not early...

you're late.

According to my guy.
He firmly believes that if you are not early, you are late. Before we had kids we would sometimes show up at church 1/2 hr early and just sit there. I can't think of this without laughing. Today he was off to work, which is approximately 2 minutes away. He has to make sure to leave 15 minutes early to get there "on time." Mind you, there is absolutely no traffic. He just has to be there early.
I am certain he doesn't approve of me posting about his idiosyncrasies, but I can't help myself.

Monday, February 01, 2010


The dishwasher. Was it created to do all the cleaning, share the cleaning effort, or simply sanitize?

Curious to know your prewash method.
1-All the cleaning. Put everything directly in the dishwasher w/out rinsing it off first.
2-Share the cleaning effort. Quick semi rinse of dish, then put it in.
3-Simply sanitize. Rinse every single dish and utensil thoroughly before putting it in.

I realize that some may not have a dishwasher right now, so just answer what you think you'll do when you get a dishwasher.

Friday, January 01, 2010

stoked on socks delivers

Stoked On Socks ended 2009 with a bang!
Thanks to planet sox, we were able to deliver thousands of socks to homeless children and adolescents before Christmas. An additional thanks goes out to Kanani and her neighborhood, and the 7th Ward Relief Society.
Some other helpers found along the way...
who absolutely loved all the princess socks, but was able to part with them for the greater good
who loved playing in the box
a counter in competition
the other counter in competition (who apparently won)
Off to deliver!
To say the least "white lightening" was full
The end result~
The Road Home Homeless Shelter (SLC)=1,500 pairs
The Road Home Homeless Shelter (Midvale branch)=246 pairs
Volunteers of America=768 pairs
Total=2, 514 new pairs of socks!!!