Friday, January 01, 2010

stoked on socks delivers

Stoked On Socks ended 2009 with a bang!
Thanks to planet sox, we were able to deliver thousands of socks to homeless children and adolescents before Christmas. An additional thanks goes out to Kanani and her neighborhood, and the 7th Ward Relief Society.
Some other helpers found along the way...
who absolutely loved all the princess socks, but was able to part with them for the greater good
who loved playing in the box
a counter in competition
the other counter in competition (who apparently won)
Off to deliver!
To say the least "white lightening" was full
The end result~
The Road Home Homeless Shelter (SLC)=1,500 pairs
The Road Home Homeless Shelter (Midvale branch)=246 pairs
Volunteers of America=768 pairs
Total=2, 514 new pairs of socks!!!

12 happy thoughts:

Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

congrats! that is so awesome.

Ben and Heidi said...

Awesome project! That's A LOT of socks.

Katie said...

You are amazing!

Pete and Mare said...

very very sweet!:)

Love Family said...

awesome! and i Love your Royal Ball pics, that is such an awesome idea! Love it!

Suzie said...

Well done! I am proud of Brynn for parting with the Cinderella socks. Your family is making a difference! Just think of all those 5,028 happy feet!

Linsey said...

I saw your socks in action the other night at work. One of the Doctor's didn't believe that Patient could be homeless and have such clean socks! I automatically thought of you guys. What a great project

T. said...

Wish I would have known! I would have loved to contribute. The kids look like they really got in the spirit and enjoyed themselves.

Dallas and Amylee said...

Love. It. Who wouldn't be stoked on a new pair? I would be! I'm in total need! My heels are cold from the holes.

Marcae said... guys ROCK! Tht is amazing how many socks you were able to provide. I'm totally stoked on socks!!!

khepworth said...

YOu guys freakin' Rock the socks! That is so awesome!

Cathy said...

Okay you guys am I ever proud of you!! Great job!! And did you hear that your Mom's visiting teaching companion, Mitch, was my friend in junior high!!?? We just got reconnected on FB!!