Tuesday, January 24, 2012

more than a name

Baby boy was born, and Mitch received naming right privileges. As previously mentioned, when this situation occurs no one knows what will happen? I was holding my breath... but gave a huge sigh of relief when he decided to name our little guy after his best friends,
J.P and Jer.


Mitch Nelson

Walker Jones Nelson

The name may sound like a law firm,
but it is actually just our surname baby.
We are in love! This little guy came with the strongest spirit!
He is amazing.

More than a name details: Naming this little guy was the hardest yet. Katie had a different name in mind (Cohen Michael Nelson), but when Mitch saw him he suggested Walker Jones Nelson. We thought about it for many days, and even left the hospital without a name! About 5 days later we called the hospital back and made it official.
I actually love what his name represents. It is definitely more than a name. It is a lifetime of true friendship, memories, and love.

4 happy thoughts:

Mimi said...

katie- he is scrumptious!! We also left the hospital without a name for Sam... and we also named our boy after John's (my husband's) best friend.

Congrats to you all! He is precious.

Breona said...

That little dude is gonna be a die hard shredder with all that name fame;) love the pics.

Amylee said...

It's perfect! I love that little Walky-Talky. He is the sweetest in the world.

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