Wednesday, March 30, 2011

naming rights

Some people should not be allowed to name their children. I happen to know one of them personally. I am not going to mention names here, but he has dark hair, nice jaws, starts with an 'M' and rhymes with itch.

Here is a small sampling of the craziness.
Natas (pronouced "not-as_"), do not worry that it spells satan backwards!
Indy, which I think is cute for a girl but not a boy.
- , that's right dash, so he doesn't have to spell anything, just make a line for his name.
Putting a silent number in the middle of his name. Ex: Be2n (Ben, the 2 is silent). Truthfully I kinda like the silent number idea.
I am starting to realize that it is a modern day miracle that our other children were named. At this point I am feeling alone with this task and I am taking suggestions. Please offer yours.
He is currently offering me the naming rights for $600. He says I can do whatever I want for that price. The reality is, I'm broke. Oh dear. No one knows what will happen at this point?
A hopeful Mom who doesn't want to ruin her kids by the name she gives them

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Tracie said...

Oh dear... what a predicament for sure! You make me laugh. You and Mitch can make any situation more fun just by being you. I can't wait to hear what the verdict is and what the name turns out to be for your cutie baby. I have faith in both of you that it will be wonderful!

Allen Family said...

And the other person also has dark hair, beautiful eyes, starts with an "S" and rhymes with Fcott.

Separated at birth!

Noonan Family said...

I have laughed about this post for days. I have told people about the silent # idea, because people ask me why I am laughing. I think it would be a great idea esp for a middle name.

Screamer said...

Ha ha Natas! Trying to get Audrey to go for it with Porters middle name.

Brady said...

Ha! How about M1tch Jr? Like the number in name thing.

swensen squeeze said...

You are hilarious...I think you should do the number thing...its totally different and unique:)

Anastasia said...

There is a girl that goes to school with my sisters.

Her name is La-a.

Pronounced Ladasha.

Beth said...

Katie, you should do this professionally!! You crack me up! I love it!