Sunday, August 08, 2010

my girl

From here.

My baby grew up without asking permission. I believe it all happened slowly in stages, but now that I look back at the pictures it seems as though it was the blink of an eye. She recently turned 5, and will start kindergarten in one month. I want to cry just thinking about it. Here's a little preview of my girl, my monkey, my entertainment, my love.

She's always had a keen sense of style.

She's now entering into the self-photography world,
and happens to be a fabulous artist.

I especially love the snail climbing the tree


Oh how I love this amazing little girl! She brings me joy everyday.
I truly feel blessed to be her Mom.

8 happy thoughts:

Tracie said...

Awe...its so hard to send them off to Kindergarten! You will survive, it will be emotional but it will be ok. She is going to love Kindergarten and it will feel like normal before ya know it. She is so cute, I love the pictures!

Jason and Andrea Wilcock said...

She is such a cutie! I'm sad to have her go to Kindergarten too and have Ashlyn in preschool, but Ashlyn will LOVE Miss Katie!

Anonymous said...

So very cute! I love her pictures. It is settled--next time they play, they will have to color pictures for each other. :)Happy Happy Birthday. Love her outfits. ;)

camille said...

a-DORable...don't worry, I cried and she's not even MY 5 year old ;)

*~Sarah~* said...

I LOVE her!

Brittani said...

happy birthday! she is so sweet. i love the poses for the camera!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday! She has got such a cute personality.

Lora said...

oh. my. word.

what a doll!

and you're right...quite the artist for 5. honestly, quite the artist for 33. she has me beat.