Tuesday, January 18, 2011

top ten

A look back at our crew's
2010 TOP TEN
or at least what we had pictures of...

Bryn got her skate on

we broke the bank

visited the happiest place on earth

then the other happiest place on earth

mitch gave luke a hawk
which only lasted a few days until I found the hair clippers

a few cowboys had fun at fair days

luke learned to dress himself and was always prepared

lions and tigers and batmans oh my!

bryn grew up way too fast and decided to go to kindergarten

byrn + luke = constant entertainment
they bring us complete joy everyday

7 happy thoughts:

Katie said...

What a great year for you! Sure miss ya! Love ya!

swensen squeeze said...

Looks like another successul year for the Nelsons...love the mohawk!

Amylee said...

This is a happy blog post. Your kids are a barrel of monkeys. I sure like 'em.

Tracie said...

So cute pictures of your kids. We just love you guys so much. Can't wait to see the next little Nelson addition :)

Brittani said...

what fun pictures! cute cute cute kids. LOVE IT!

Marcae said...

This makes me so happy! I love to see pictures of your cute family! Miss you!

Allen Family said...

I miss you! We miss you! All of you!
(and the comment by a Miss Tracie...is there something I need to know???)