Friday, February 04, 2011

an angel among us

Here she is.
Her name is Tracie.
She is an actual angel here on earth.
If you know her, consider yourself lucky.
I'm not sure if it is possible, but I aspire to be more like her.
The girl can cook.
She is the type of person/angel who shows up at your doorstep with a gourmet meal and dessert. There is no call ahead for you to accept or decline, she just does it. Somehow she finds out that your husband survived an awful night of throwing up for hours on end, and that there was no sleep involved for either of you. She steps in to save the day.
I just love her!

3 happy thoughts:

Tracie said...

Oh Katie! You totally made me cry. I had no idea you blogged about this but I am very touched by all you wrote. For the record it is I who am in awe of you and think we should all aspire to be more like Katie! Thank you so much for your friendship. I do hope Mitch is on the mend as I have not had a chance to really talk to you since then.

Love you girl,

Amylee said...

How did I not know that Mitch was so sick? I hope you guys are all feeling better.
And, it's the truth, Tracie is absolutely an angel. Her dinners are the best!

swensen squeeze said...

Love people like that! Sounds like you are in good company!